Dee Bentley

Owner and Managing Broker - License #s RB15000708 RC51700132

Hi, I’m Dee Bentley, owner and managing broker at Bentley Real Estate. I’m a retired hairdresser and started my journey into real estate when my youngest son was in high school. This was right after I helped my oldest son buy his first home.
I wanted a career that was similar to doing hair but without having to stand in one spot for hours at a time. Back then, the whole world wasn’t doing real estate like they are now. It wasn’t the trend, it was a serious career.
I love working with people and seeing them happy with an end result. I love connecting people with who and what they want and need. I work closely with lenders and title companies until the end and even after the transaction is closed.
When my youngest son was graduating high school and my oldest grandson was born, I started my own brokerage so that I could keep my grandson during the day and he wasn’t in daycare. I completely retired in 2020 from doing hair and focused only on real estate and my grandson.
My favorite thing in real estate is touring recreational land, building sites, farmland, etc. I also love homes that have been completely transformed from something old into something still old but modernized. Farmhouses are my favorite. Rural areas are also my favorites.

The Team at Bentley Real Estate

Jami White had owned her own business before also. She’s been a Realtor since the mid-90s. She took a job with a lawyer and decided to put her license with me.
Carrie Starkey came a couple of years later from another company.
Alicia Middleton is also a retired hairdresser and we’ve been close acquaintances and now friends most of our lives. She was a licensed real estate agent in 2019 and came with me immediately.
Audrey Keller is my daughter in law and mom of my grandsons and soon to be born granddaughter. She works for Fountain Trust bank and was licensed in 2020. She also came with me immediately.
Noah Reissmann became a licensed real estate agent this year and started immediately with me also. He also owns a small construction business and flips homes. I had been selling his flips for years.
We all work together as a team and help cover each other’s clients when one of us is out of town.

When I'm Not Working

I grew up in Kingman with family ties all over Parke county and spent a lot of time in that area. I’ve lived outside of Veedersburg for 25 years now. I’ve owned and operated two hair shops and a coffee shop for a very short time.
I lead a couple of bible studies during the week. I don’t work on Sundays unless absolutely necessary. While I am professional and take my career very seriously, I will likely show up with crazy jeep hair and gravel dust all over me if the weather is nice.
I love spending time with my family. I have three grown boys, two grandsons (Kohen is the one I keep during the day and have had him since he was six weeks old). We call him our Realtor in training. He prefers closing days over showing houses though.

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